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we are 'MLS' affiliated in Nicaragua

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INISER, the national insurance company of Nicaragua is the only company which will insure colonial homes with adobe construction.

The principal policies that would be of interest are:

Insurance I:
  • Earthquakes
  • Water flows
  • Car accidents that directly damage your property. Also includes any airline accidents which damage your home.
  • Accidents incurred by registered family members who live in the house
  • Volcanic Eruption
  • Cleaning and preparing area to rebuild in case of earthquake
  • Fire (by electric storm or casual reasons)
  • Popular meetings that end with damage on your property
  • Deductible: U$100 per eventuality
  • Co-Pay: 2% of the amount assured

Insurance II:
  • Vandalism with force
  • Computer protection
  • Goods and artwork protection

  • Insurance for Major Medical Expenses:

    This policy covers you and your family members on any kind of illness or treatment you would need in an emergency that covers simple to complicated treatment (such as surgeries, transplants, ambulance transportation to and from any place you would needed it). You have the option to choose the Medical Institution of your preference and forget about your worries to receive the medical attention you deserve at anytime.

    This policy is available to members from 6 months to 60 years old. Young couples that apply with no children will also be covered on pregnancy process.

    Examples of charges of this policy:
    Male of 50 years old would pay U$1,419.26 annual
    Female of 45 years old would pay U$1,260.60 annual

If you are considering Nicaragua as a part of your future, whether to invest or retire, let us be your helping hand.