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About Nicaragua

Nicaragua, in the past few years, has placed itself in the top five vacation destinations for Latin America. The people are warm and friendly, the countryside is beautiful and diverse and prices are extremely affordable. Nicaragua, above all, has been determined the safest country in Central America.

Located north of Costa Rica and south of Honduras, Nicaragua is the largest country in Central America. Although is has been plagued by misfortune, the country is slowly coming into its own. Real estate development along the southern Pacific coast is in high gear and we are seeing more and more projects for the coming year.

Investors, as well as travelers, are seeing the potential of this country and business is booming. The election of Daniel Ortega has not had much effect on the real estate or tourism markets and hopes are high that the investments will continue. Developments in all areas of Nicaragua are in the works. From the mountains of Jinotega to the shores of Chinandega, things are happening in this beautiful country.

Managua, the capital, holds one million of the five million people living in the country. The international airport is located here, only 45 minutes from Granada. Nicaragua has an abundance of volcanoes, which in turn, provides rich volcanic soil perfect for producing coffee, the country's largest export. Fish and beef are the second largest export but tourism is slowly pushing these aside.

Granada is located on the banks of Lake Nicaragua, the 10th largest fresh water lake in the world. Not only does the lake have 365 islands but also the only fresh water sharks in the world. Granada is in the process of an amazing restoration. Foreign investors are buying up the dilapidated Spanish Colonial homes around the city and restoring them to their original beauty. New restaurants and hotels have sprung up as well as internet cafes, coffee shops and real estate offices. There is a gym, a two-screen theatre showing U.S. made movies in English, an art school, language school and more. Granada is definitely a city on the brink of becoming a great tourist destination.

  • Nicaragua electric is 110 just as in the U.S.
  • The tap water is potable, clean and chlorinated.
  • The currency is the Cordoba but everyone takes U.S. dollars. Check your bills carefully because if there is a tear or mark of any kind, they will not be accepted.
  • Traveler’s checks are difficult to cash and most banks charge a percentage to change them.
  • You can change dollars on the streets with the “coyotes” or money changers and get a good rate of exchange but make sure you count your money!
  • There are several ATM machines available in the city:
    BAC Bank at the corner of Calle Altravesada and La Libertad
    BanPro on Calle Altravesada
    Esso Gas Station at the entrance of town

If you are considering Nicaragua as a part of your future, whether to invest or retire, let us be your helping hand.